PS3 Messaging System to Be Stripped of PS4, PS Vita Support – Push Square

Last legs

@GetAlife i understand its gonna be expensive, as it is everytime when there is a tv upgrade every 10 year. but have you forgot that when the ps3 arrived hdmi tv was the new thing, and if you had an old crt tv you would not get the most out of your ps3 back then either. the ps4 did arrive in the middle of all the tv upgrades and you didnt need a new tv, you could do with your 1080p hdmi1.3 tv.
but the ps5 arrive at the beginning of the new standard, that is hdmi 2.1. its a good thing thou this will make console gaming much better, and finally we can get in line with the pc games when it comes to fps, hz and you can kiss bad inputlag goodbye for good. so what you do this year is sell your 2 year old tv. then use the money to get a new tv with the new standard hdmi2.1, and in 2021 you get the ps5. it gives you plenty of time to save up some cash before you buy.


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