This huge queue of cars formed at a Swansea McDonald’s drive-thru just minutes before it closed – Wales Online

People were queuing right up to the wire to get their Big Macs for the last time for the forseeable future

There were just minutes to go until McDonald’s was set to close all its restaurants in the UK, and an hour and a half later Britain would go into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
And while much of the country was heeding government advice to head home and self isolate, others decided there was one final thing they needed to do before they got there.
Days earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced that all restaurants, pubs and cafes should shut down in a bid to tackle the spread of Covid-19, which meant fans of a certain fast food chain felt they had no option but to go and make their last purchase for the foreseeable future.
But in advance of the fast food chain shutting all its restaurants at 7pm on Monday, long queues of cars were seen at stores across South Wales as a result.
And as the sun went down in Swansea and 7pm rapidly approached, Maccy D fans desperate for one final favourite takeaway lined up in their cars one behind the other at the Morriston restaurant.
The queue, it turned out, went on and on…and on.
One witness said: This is so embarrassing. I cant believe what Ive seen in this clip. The last few cars in the queue will take an hour to get their food!
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Another said: I know McDonalds is closing down tonight, but really cant any of you go without your Big Mac tonight?
Its ridiculous.”
On announcing its closure, McDonalds said it would be giving free food to all health workers and emergency services personnel.
McDonalds has been approached for comment.


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